Our lunch menu is served every day (except holidays) from 11:30am – 2:30pm

Sushi Rolls – $7

Volcano Calamari Tempura Roll
Wild Salmon Avocado Roll
Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Eel Avocado Roll
California Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
White Tuna Mango Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Asparagus & Cheese Tempura Roll
New Style Sashimi – $2/piece, 4 pieces min. with yuzu, jalapeno
Nigiri Sushi – $2.5/piece, 2 pieces min. (choice of albacore, tuna, eel, yellowtail, salmon, white tuna)
Sushi Pizza – $17
Sushi Sandwich – $17 (choice of albacore, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white tuna)
Chicken Lettuce Wrap – $12
Teriyaki Chicken Salad – $15
Ahi Tuna Salad – $20

Dim Sum – $6

Gyoza-Pan Fried Dumplings (3)
Crispy Spring Roll, Pork or Veg (2)
Chicken Satay (3)
Har Gow –Shrimp Dumplings (3)
Crab Cheese Wonton (3)
Spicy Edamame (with garlic)
Pork Shumai (3)
Kobe Slider (1)


General Tao’s Chicken
(traditional toss fried with spicy honey sauce)
Kung Pao Chicken
Vegetable Brown Fried Rice
Thai Basil Chicken
Mongolian Style Flank Steak
Parisian Shrimp
Miso Salmon
(marinated with Japanese miso, grilled)
Seafood Rice Noodle Soup Bowl
Spicy Peking Duck Noodle Soup Bowl
(roasted Peking duck, rice noodle, spicy duck broth)


Wine – $7

Chardonnay, Napa
Pinot Grigio, Italy
Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa

Mixed Drink (Margarita) – $7

Small Sake (hot or cold) – $5

Beer (Tsingtao)- $3.5